Independence County Election Commission

The Independence County Election Commission is a three (3) member board responsible for conducting elections in the county in an unbiased and lawful manner.  Two members of the county board will be from the majority political party and the third from the minority party.  Each member is nominated from each party’s central committee and affirmed by the State Board of Election Commissioners.


Current members are:

            Darrel Hayes,  Chair – 870-834-4684

            Amanda Roberts, Vice Chair – 870-834-8198

            Lea Ann Barber , Secretary- 870-612-4718



Election Coordinators under the supervision of the Election Commission are:

            Charlie Morris – 501-412-2646

            Cathy Drew – 870-307-1488


The County Clerk’s Office coordinates the absentee and early vote process and handles voter registration records and issues.  870-793-8828

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