Quorum Court

The Quorum Court is the county legislative body that consists of eleven (11) justices of the peace from equally populated districts in the county.  Their main function is to enact county ordinances to provide the many varied public services Independence County offers to its residents.  The County Judge presides at the Quorum Court meetings without a vote but with the power of veto.  The Quorum Court meets at 6:00 p.m. the second Monday of each month in the Jess Carpenter Building at 368 E. Main St, downtown Batesville above the Independence County Library.





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TIM STEWART             1    229 Baker School Rd.    870-251-1185 / 870-251-2159   tim_w_stewart@hotmail.com

                                            Batesville, AR 72501

MARK BIRAM               2    700 Biram Rd.                         870-206-5091                       biramfarms@aol.com

                                             Floral, AR 72534                                                                

BRENT HENDERSON    3    1276 Floral Rd.               501-230-2387 / 501-230-2387      barhranch03@gmail.com

                                            Pleasant Plains, AR 72568

BRAD COVINGTON      4     2640 Newport Road               870-613-4658                 covingtonmotors@gmail.com

                                             Batesville, AR  72501

BILL LINDSEY             5    665 Walnut Grove Rd.     870-799-8877 / 870-613-2805     billlindsey63@gmail.com

                                              Newark, AR 72562

TAMMY PEARCE           6     40 Harris Trail                        870-569-4082                        runnertrp@yahoo.com

                                             Batesville, AR  72503

JASON JONES              7    370 Mount Springs Rd.          870-612-4933                          jwj7784@yahoo.com

                                            Batesville, AR 72501

KENNY HURLEY           8     P.O. Box 366                 870-793-3024 / 870-613-0456     kennyhurley@ymail.com

                                             Cushman, AR  72526

RON LEWALLEN          9    420 E. Chestnut Street           870-612-2952                     ronlewallen@sbcglobal.net

                                            Batesville, AR  72501

CHARLES JORDAN     10    2270 Timberland Dr.              870-307-2152                      cjordan110@gmail.com

                                             Batesville, AR  72501

WANDA POMEROY     11   648 Eagle Mountain Blvd.       870-793-7711              robertpomeroy@suddenlink.net

                                            Batesville, AR  72501


COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS:            Grievance Hearing Committee           Members consist of all committee chairs

ROAD COMMITTEE: Brent Henderson (chair), Mark Biram, Brad Covington, Kenny Hurley,                 Ron Lewallen

BUDGET COMMITTEE: Ron Lewallen (chair), Tim Stewart, Brent Henderson, Tammy Pearce,           Jason Jones

SOLID WASTE COMMITTEE: Tim Steward (chair), Wanda Pomeroy, Mark Biram, Ron Lewallen,         Bill Lindsey

LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE: Bill Lindsey (chair), Kenny Hurley, Charles Jordan, Jason Jones, Brent Henderson

RECREATION COMMITTEE: Kenny Hurley (chair), Wanda Pomeroy, Bill Lindsey, Tim Stewart,           Brad Covington

SHOOTING RANGE COMMITTEE: Brad Covington (chair), Tammy Pearce, Wanda Pomeroy,            Mark Biram, Charles Jordan

POLICY/PERSONNEL COMMITTEE: Jason Jones (chair), Tammy Pearce, Charles Jordan

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