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Independence County recycling center


The Independence County Solid Waste Division mission is to provide quality and environmentally sound solid waste program for the residents of Independence County by using an integrated approach of waste reduction, recycling, disposal and education.



The Independence County Recycling Center’s operating hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Our local recycling facility is located off of U.S Hwy 167 North on 110 Environmental Drive.

What Can I Recycle?

There are recycling rules as far as what can and cannot be recycled. The Independence County Recycling facility will pick up the following materials at your residence:

Paper: Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office and school paper, phone books, etc. Keep dry; wet paper cannot be recycled.  Recycled materials

Cardboard: Corrugated boxes, non-refrigerated food and shoe boxes, paper bags. Flatten these items. OK wet or dry. (Frozen food and soda container boxes are not recyclable.)

Plastic: Beverage, milk, juice, food, detergent, lotion, etc. Remove lid, empty contents and rinse. If the opening is smaller than the bottom, the county can recycle it. No butter tubs, lids, auto fluids, herbicides or pesticide bottles. Leave labels on.

Aluminum and Tin Cans: Empty contents and rinse. Drop metal lid into can and leave labels on.

Glass: Beverage, food bottles and jars only. Remove lids, empty contents and rinse.

Items that need to be dropped off at your local recycling facility: Electronics including any equipment with microchips.


What cannot be recycled?

Cat Litter Plastic Buckets Christmas Lights
Plastic Sacks & Toys Cat Food Cans Dirty Diapers
Camping/Folding Chairs Egg Cartons Window Blinds
Laundry Baskets Clothes Hangers Water Hoses
Plastic Furniture Tissue Paper Extension Cords


Days of Pick-up

Independence County recycling pick-upMonday- Newark
North of White River West of Highway 167

Tuesday- Eagle Mountain, East Side, Spring Valley
North of White River East of Highway 167

Wednesday- Moorefield, Quail Valley, College Heights, Golf Addition
South of White River West of Highway 167

Thursday- Westside
South of White River East of 167

Recycling inside the city limits of Batesville will be picked up on the scheduled trash pick-up day.



Recycling Center's Plant Manager

 Larry Scott




The simplest way to manage waste is not to create it in the first place. That's the idea behind waste reduction and reuse. Households, businesses, industries and governments can all make adjustments in everyday activities that result in less waste. One of the easiest things to do is pay attention to what you buy. Is there a lot of excess packaging? Is the container or the product reusable or recyclable? How much stuff are you paying for that you have to throw away?

Businesses and industries can really help with waste reduction efforts. Independence County Recycling Program can provide one-on-one technical assistance on waste reduction to any business, industry, school or government that requests it at no charge.
Bundles of recycled materialsIf you are interested in learning more about waste reduction efforts or would like to schedule a waste reduction evaluation, contact Terry Hasting at (870) 793-8892.


Independence County provides ongoing training opportunities available to the public.

  • Speakers available to do programs on a variety of solid waste related topics.
  • Independence County participates in the county fair and community events by setting up education displays.
  • Independence County has a series of brochures about solid waste topics and recycling programs.

If you would like more information about any of these services, including copies of publications, recycling rules, speakers or a fair/event display, Tami Bacon at the County Judge’s Office (870) 793-8800 or Sarah Sexton with WRPDD (870) 793-5233.


Solid Waste

Independence County Solid Waste operates Monday  through Thursday 7:00-5:30. Our office is located at 100 County Yard Road.

We offer weekly trash pick-up: tied bags, house trash only. Must be out by 7:00 am curbside. Easily accessible bags, no tall containers.









Business dumpster: Rear load, serviced weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Roll off containers: Batesville, AR / Independence County

                 20yd. 30yd and 40 yd

Delivered anywhere in Independence County. For more information or questions regarding ours services call Gary Cooper at 870-793-8862


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